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ARMENISTIS CAMPING recognizes the importance of security regarding your personal data as well as your electronic transactions and takes all the necessary measures, using the most up-to-date and advanced methods, to ensure maximum security. All information which is relevant to your personal information and your transactions is secure and confidential. The safety of ARMENISTIS CAMPING is achieved by the following methods.

Ensuring privacy in personal data transmission

To ensure confidentiality while transferring data, we use the 128-bit SSL encryption protocol. The encryption covers all areas of the website as well as the transmission of data to and from our mail exchanger.

Controlled access (Firewall)

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The ARMENISTIS CAMPING system initially decrypts the information it receives by using the same key (which is predetermined at the start of your connection to the service) and then processes it. The ARMENISTIS CAMPING systems send you information by following the same encryption process. In any part of the website you enter personal data (full name, address, phone numbers, etc.), there is 128-Bit SSL Encryption. Encryption is essentially a means of encoding the information until it reaches its intended recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key.

That is, each time you send information to the system, your browser first encrypts it by using a 128-bit key and then sends it to the system. The ARMENISTIS CAMPING system initially decrypts the information it receives by using the same key (which is predetermined at the start of your connection to the service) and then processes it. The ARMENISTIS CAMPING systems send you information by following the same encryption process.

Privacy of transactions

Confidentiality is considered self-evident. The same basic principles governing conventional transactions apply on this website as well. All information transmitted by users to ARMENISTIS CAMPING is confidential and ARMENISTIS CAMPING has taken all necessary measures to use them to the extent that it is deemed necessary within the framework of the services provided. Some of the measures taken are the following:

  • Only authorized employees have access to your transaction information and only whenever this is necessary, such as for the processing of your requests.
  • ARMENISTIS CAMPING does not disclose the data of its customers and their transactions except when disclosure is authorized by them in writing or imposed by a court order or another public authority order.
  • In the event that ARMENISTIS CAMPING uses third parties to support its systems, it sees to ensure confidentiality.
  • You may request any information of yours that is being stored as well as its correction provided that you can substantiate that an error exists.
  • For your own safety, you should also handle all information provided through the service as confidential and private and not disclose it to third parties.


According to the guidelines of the National Public Health
Organization (EODY) and the Ministry of Tourism
A.Plan for handling suspected cases of COVID-19
If a guest presents symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection (fever, cough,
shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle aches, sore throat, anosmia, lack of taste),
the following shall be implemented:

  1. The visitor should call the reception department of the camping (tel: +30
    23750 91487, +30 23750 91497). The reception department will contact
    the camping’s doctor immediately, who will visit the patient in their
    accommodation unit. In case the patient is staying in a tent, the doctor of
    the camping will provide him with a medical kit with all the necessary PPE
    so that the patient can be transferred to the camping’s outdoor clinic for
  2. The co-operating doctor of the camping is then called for an evaluation of
    the incident.
  3. If the patient is in need of emergency care, presenting a grave clinical
    picture, they are transported to the nearest Sanitary Unit “St. Nicholas
    Health Center”, as a suspected case of COVID-19. It is anticipated that the
    patient will be transported to the healthcare unit by means of the
    Emergency Aid Center (EKAV) ambulance service.
  4. If the patient presents a milder clinical picture, the collaborating doctor
    will take a sample for laboratory confirmation of COVID-19 infection.
  5. If the case is assessed as a potential COVID-19 infection by the examining
    physician, the camping’s health officer will IMMEDIATELY contact the
    National Public Health Organization (EODY) at (+30) 210 5212054 or at the
    special four-digit number 1135 (24-hour hotline) to report a suspected
    case and receive guidance on how to handle it.
  6. The patient with a mild clinical picture stays in their accommodation unit
    until the results from the laboratory test come out.
  7. During the above waiting period, it is forbidden for staff to enter the
    patient’s accommodation unit, unless there is a serious reason. If
    necessary, it is recommended that one member of the camping’s staff
    should deal exclusively with the suspected case.
  8. The doctor and other camping staff who enter the suspected or, later,
    confirmed case’s accommodation unit, must use personal protective
    equipment (PPE) offering high protection (masks, goggles, waterproof
    single-use robes). The same applies for all staff that will clean a COVID-19
    patient’s room.
  9. If the COVID-19 infection is confirmed, the patient is transported to a
    designated quarantine hotel and subsequently to a healthcare unit that
    houses COVID-19 patients, if there is need for hospitalization. If the
    COVID-19 infection is not confirmed, the case is handled at the camping
    under the directions of the attending physician.
  10. The patient is transported with PPE (simple surgical mask) and private
    means of transportation.
  11. If the patient has a companion who wishes to remain and take care of
    them (e.g. spouse), the companion is provided with a surgical mask and
    advised to wash their hands every time they come into contact with the
    patient’s secretions (e.g. saliva), and definitely before the companion
    touches their face, eats, or drinks.
  12. Contact information for one of the patient’s relatives is recorded in the
    event that consent may be required for surgical interventions and the
    patient is not in a state to communicate.
  13. Used personal protective equipment (simple single-use mask, gloves)
    must be discarded into a trash can and must not be reused under any
  14. After discarding the protective equipment, hands must be washed
    thoroughly with soap and water. It is stressed that the use of gloves is not
    a substitute for proper hand washing, which is a very important protective
    A.Mr.Antonios Stampolidis is appointed in charge of implementing the plan for
    handling suspected cases of COVID-19.
    B.A log of COVID-19 incidents is kept, where all cases are recorded along with the
    measures taken.
    C.All campsite staff members are issued PPE depending on their duties, and
    sufficient quantities of PPE are secured for the entire summer season.
    C.1.If a staff member shows symptoms of COVID-19 or has come into contact
    with a case, he/she shall remain at his/her accommodation unit using the special
    COVID-19 sanitary facilities and return to work if the laboratory test is negative.
    D. Customer Information
    D.1.Notification of the operation’s health protocol to all season guests, tour
    operators, tourism agents, and to all customers who have made or will make
    reservations by email.
    D.2.Guidelines are posted on the Armenistis Camping official website at
    D.3.Health protocols are posted at visible locations around the camping
    (reception area, health-regulated establishments, bar, beach, commercial stores).
    D.4.All information about COVID-19 infection and the measures concerning
    customers from abroad visiting the country are posted on
    https://eody.gov.gr/en/novel-coronavirus-covid-19-advice-for-travellers/ in
    E.Ms.Olga Lykou is appointed as the coordinator for the prevention of COVID-19
    infections and compliance with the special protocol and EODY guidelines.
    F.Basic measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and the use of PPE are
    adopted by the camping’s staff.
    G.Social Distancing
    G.1. Social distancing of 1.5 meters (5 feet) must be observed in all indoor and
    outdoor areas between people who are not staying in the same camping
    accommodation or are not part of the same family or group.
    G.2. In all indoor communal facilities, social distancing (1.5 meters or 5 feet) is
    observed with special markings for the controlled entry of guests, who must also
    wear face masks.
    H.Violations Report
    Any violation of the rules and guidelines must be reported to the campsite
    coordinator Ms.Olga Lykou.
    I.1. The campsite’s staff has been trained depending on their duties on the plan
    to handle suspicious cases of COVID-19, on the proper use of PPE, on basic
    measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19, and on all other campsite regulations
    aimed at preventing COVID-19 infection. Staff members must report any
    symptoms associated with the infection to the head of each department, both
    regarding themselves and guests, if they become aware of such symptoms.
    I.2. Staff training must be completed by July 5, 2020.
    I.3. Staff members who develop symptoms of respiratory infection shall be
    removed from their posts immediately.
    J.It is recommended to implement electronic transactions in all departments, as
    well as electronic billing, invoicing, and receipts.
    J.A.Entry to accommodation units is prohibited for non-residents.
    J.B.The campsite’s beach (in front of the bar) shall operate in compliance with all
    protocols pursuant to current Greek legislation. No. Δ1α/Γ.Π.οικ. 35444 – ΦΕΚ
    Τεύχος B’ 2216/09.06.2020
    J.C.The campsite’s management shall keep a record on site of all people who are
    staying or have stayed at the campsite, including their name, nationality, dates of
    arrival and departure, contact information (address, phone number, email
    address), in every camping accommodation or bungalow, whether it belongs to
    the guests or the business.
    J.D.Camping sites
    The distance between all forms of camping accommodation (trailers, campers,
    tents) must be at least 5 meters (16.5 feet) from the entrance of the camping
    accommodation and 3 meters (10 feet) from all other sides. Social distancing of
    1.5 meters (5 feet) between people who are not part of the same family or are
    not staying in the same camping accommodation or bungalow must also be
    observed in all areas. For rented camping accommodations, bungalows, trailers,
    semi-trailers, and caravans owned by the camping site, regulations for hotels
    J.E.All directions of Circular no. D1c/G.P./19954/20.03.2020 of the Ministry of
    Health “Measures for cleaning and disinfecting in areas and surfaces during the
    SARS-CoV-2 pandemic” (Online Posting Number: 6PS6465FYO-1ND), as is
    currently valid.
    J.F.Rented Camping Accommodation
    Accommodation units that are rented or provided by the camping, are cleaned
    and disinfected between uses by different customers, according to the
    manufacturers’ guidelines. If the cleaning generates aerosols, cleaning shall be
    carried out far from guests, using the necessary PPE. Other equipment that is
    rented or provided shall be cleaned and disinfected between uses by different
    J.G.Sanitary Facilities
    J.G.1.Sanitary facilities (WC, showers, handwashing stations, changing rooms,
    dish-washing sinks) shall be kept clean and in good condition according to
    current Health and Hygiene provisions, and sufficiently ventilated during use.
    J.G.2.A specific cleaning & inspection schedule is observed with such frequency
    as to ensure the maintenance of proper sanitary conditions in the facilities
    throughout the day.
    J.G.3.Trash containers have been installed at various accessible points in indoor
    and outdoor communal areas.
    J.G.4 Sinks have been supplied with soap, hand towels and foot-operated trash
    J.H.Catering, Shops and other facilities
    Food and beverage establishments, retail shops, and all other facilities operate
    pursuant to current Greek legislation.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Fill in the fields on the form.
  2. The reservation form is an application for reservation and there is no commitment on your part or the campsite’s part.
  3. After the availability of positions is confirmed by the camping personnel, you will be given a bank account for the deposit.
  4. Your reservation is only valid after the deposit of 30% of the total amount or other amount agreed upon with the reservation department and you will be charged with all expenses of the Bank. Changes to the dates are accepted up to one month after the transfer of the deposit
  5. The deposit should be evidenced by sending the bank deposit via fax or e-mail.
  6. For the period of July 10 until August 20, reservations are accepted only when they are timely and have been sent up to one month prior to the arrival date. Visitors who have not made a reservation are served upon arrival by the reception department, depending on daily availability.
  7. Reservations can be made from 4 to 30 consecutive nights for Camping pitches and for rented accommodation from 3 to 21 consecutive nights. Guests who are interested for a shorter or longer period of time are served upon arrival by the reception department, depending on daily availability
  8. Reservations for specific or neighbouring pitches and rented or neighbouring accommodation cannot be made.
  9. Your pitch or accommodation will be available after 14:00 or 16:00 respectively. In case you arrive earlier, the car remains at the outside Parking of the Camping.
  10. The delivery of the camping pitch or accommodation and the closure of your account must be made no later than 12:00 or 11:00 respectively. Otherwise you are charged an extra night.
    During July and August , in case you wish to stay at the campsite after the delivery of the place/accommodation and the payment of the bill, you will be charged with the cost of the service <day use> and the car will remain at the outside Parking of the Camping.
  1. Pets are welcome on certain terms. Any case they cause problems (annoying barking, waste, going into the sea or moving around off-leash) will be a reason for cancelling the reservation. In booking of rental accommodation, pets are only allowed in a limited number of specific standard mobile homes.
  2. Please familiarize yourselves with the campsite’s Rules of Operation. The company reserves the right to discontinue your stay in case you violate the terms of the Rules of Operation.
  3. The 880-Watt power supply is not suitable for appliances with a heating element such as electric hobs, ovens, grills, hairdryers, etc. Please make sure you carry a cable and an 10m extension cord with you.
  4. Extending your stay is not always feasible. The campsite personnel cannot guarantee that customers will remain at the same pitch, despite the personnel’s effort.
  5. Only guests over 18 years old can be hosted. Younger guests must be accompanied by their parents throughout their entire stay.

Cancellation Policy

  1. In case you cancel your reservation, the deposit shall be refunded only if the cancellation has been performed 21 days prior to the scheduled arrival date.
  2. In case you cancel your reservation less than 21 days prior to the scheduled arrival date, you will be charged 50% of the amount of the deposit. In case you cancel your reservation less than 5 days prior to the scheduled arrival date, the deposit will not be returned.
  3. In case of cancellation of the reservation during your stay, you will be charged 50% of the remaining amount for the period that you stated and if you notify the reception Department at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise you are charged the entire amount of the agreed stay.

Rules of Operation


Armenistis Camping & Bungalows is a complex touristic unit for vacations, services and recreation, which operates with primary and unique goal its clients’ satisfaction.

In this context, for the most effective operation, we have implemented the regulation below, which is obligatory and accepted when entering the camping.

Arrival – Departure & Procedure

Upon arrival all guests are obliged to fill in the registration form with their data and the data of their companions, and also deliver their identity documents (identity card, passport) in order to confirm the above information.

They sign for the acceptance of the terms of the regulation of  Armenistis Camping & Bungalows and for their consent regarding the use of personal data (GDPR) by the Camping. Next, they receive the necessary documents (entrance card, camping sticker) and a special wristband that allows them to enter and move in the Camping area. All customers are obliged to show these documents upon camping staff request while who do not wear the wristband cannot use any service, store or public facilities of Camping.

The camping spot or accommodation is allocated exclusively by the Reception and a  change is only possible exceptionally and under the authorization of the Reception. The company reserves the right to change the camping spot if specific reasons occur.
In case that unregistered clients are found, the Camping Management reserves the right to expel the campers that host them or impose fines up to the amount of 200 €.

The camping spot or rental accommodation will be available after 14:00 or 16:00 respectively. In case of earlier arrival, the car remains at the outside Parking of the Camping.

Accommodation check-out and camping spot evacuation should take place after all financial matters are settled with the Company, until 11:00 at the latest. Otherwise, the whole next day will be charged

Late check-out (evacuation after the determined departure time) is possible only after approval from the Reception, depending on availability and with extra charge based on the pricelist. In this case, the car remains at the outside Parking of the Camping.

Upon departure, visitors must deliver the space clean and do not forget that the same space will accommodate future guests.

Rental Accommodation

Pets are not allowed in the accommodation regardless of size or breed. The guests can consult the Reception about pet’s friendly accommodation options. It is expressly forbidden to move furniture and equipment outside the premises of the accommodation. In case of damage by guests to the accommodation or its equipment, the visitor will be charged with the cost of replacement and maintenance required. Air conditioners with open windows are not allowed to operate.Customers expressly agree to the lawn watering program of the accommodation yard and the cleaning program by House Keeping. 


In view of the pandemic and according to the law (Government Gazette 2084 B 30-5-2020 JM 1881 / 29.5.2020), the company has drafted and implements a Health Protocol in the context of taking measures against the coronavirus. Visitors must comply with the terms of the protocol which is complementary and prevails on a case-by-case basis under the terms of this regulation. It is expressly agreed that entry and stay at the Camping unreservedly constitutes compliance with the protocol as a whole. 

Vehicles – Vessels

Vehicles may enter the campsite from 08:00 to 24:00, but vehicles of daily customers are not allowed to enter.

Vehicle speed in the campsite premises may not exceed the 5 km/h limit and traffic should be confined solely to departure and arrival while it is completely forbidden during night hours (24:00-08:00). Driving inside the campsite throughout the day is not allowed.

Car parking is allowed within the limits of the indicated camping spot as well as in parking designated areas accorded to each customer. Car washing is prohibited.

Trailer and boat trailer owners are informed by the Reception to park them in designated trailer parking areas.

Vessel owners are required to comply with the legislation of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs regarding the vessels traffic, according to which, vessels with or without engine are strictly forbidden to enter any swimmers’ area marked by yellow and orange -coloured buoys.

Mooring vessels or placing anchors is only allowed in the designated mooring area, according to the instructions of the Reception, in limited and numbered buoys at the specified by the Camping Authorise. All other vessels are to anchor beyond the swimmers area and solely under their owners’ responsibility.

Vessel traffic zone is defined with buoys. Departure from and approach to the shore is allowed only within the above mentioned demarcated channel at a speed not exceeding the 5 knots limit.

Jet-skis are forbidden to enter the campsite. Using a jet-ski at a distance less than 200 meters from the distinctive orange-yellow coloured floating buoys that mark the swimmers area is completely prohibited by navy laws.


Pets are only allowed to guests who have their own camping equipment or a limited number of accommodations, provided they keep up-to-date health certificates that ensure they are of full health and have been subjected to all statutory vaccinations. Pet owners are required to take every action necessary, in order to ensure the safety and hygiene of the other Camping customers and visitors: L.4039, article 5 (Government Gazette 15 / 2-2-2012). Indicatively, all pets must be on leash and under the supervision of their owners, pets are not allowed in the sea, owners must collect their pets’ excrements.  The Camping Management reserves the right to ask pet owners whose pets disturb with their behaviour or with loud barking or who do not comply with the above terms, to remove their pets from the camping site or even to have the unpleasant task to expel the owners themselves from the camping site.

Permanent Constructions

Any additional construction or intervention on the camping site or the camping means that alters the picture of the accommodation, such as, indicatively, roof, fence, storage, barbecue etc., construction, regardless of construction materials used prohibited completely. Removing caravan wheels and supporting tents in unconventional ways is also prohibited. In case that any of the above mentioned alterations-interventions are found and the camper refuses to comply with the Camping personnel instructions, the Management reserves the right to request the customers’ checkout.


The company employs a beach lifeguard during the hours 10:00-18:00 for the protection of bathers and the observance of beach measures such as behaviour, cleanliness, noise pollution etc. The lifeguard is in immediate readiness to provide assistance and visitors can consult him for any information about the beach or the sea, as well as ask for his help in case of need.

Permanent occupation of part of the beach using umbrellas, beach furniture or fences is strictly forbidden. Camping personnel reserves the right to remove from the beach all objects that infringe the Regulation.

It is expressly agreed that every evening at 21:00, umbrellas and other equipment left on the beach will be gathered by the Camping Stuff.

Gathering of people at the beach during the night hours after 01:00 is not possible, in order to avoid disturbance and create synchronicity.

Rackets are prohibited throughout the beach and in all areas of the Camping, except for the delimited and net-limited space that exists at a specific point of the beach.


The lighting of a fire and the use of a barbecue are governed by the provisions of the fire service and are strictly prohibited both in the area of Camping and on the beach. (Fire Order No. 9. Regulation regulating measures to prevent and deal with fires in Forest and rural areas)

Guests are required to follow to the letter all instructions given in case of fire.
Caravan and tent owners are obliged to disconnect the power supply during their absence, otherwise they are considered responsible in case of fire caused by the lack of such actions.

It is strictly forbidden to throw cigarette butts on the ground. The slightest negligence can cause huge damage, do not forget that you are next to the forest.

Quiet hours

Sound systems are strictly prohibited throughout your stay.

During the quiet hours, 15:00-17:30 & 23:00-07:00 (No. 1023/2/37-IA. POLICE ORDER NO. 3-Government Gazette B 15-12.01.1996), it is forbidden to cause any kind of noises, such as speaking loudly , reproducing music, organising festivities, using music instruments, or moving any vehicle in the campsite premises.

Music and noise are to be kept at respectively low levels at all times, in order to not disturb neighbouring campers.

Use of Electricity – Security

The Company uses a circuit-auto cut-off relay in all available sockets per camping spot. The power supply capacity per socket is 4 Ampere and 880 Watt. Campers can be informed by Reception for camping spots where the power of the current is 10 Ampere / 2200 watts

The extension cables used for power supply should be resistant and made of black rubber –cable and not of a random kind that could be hazardous. Responsibility for proper power use lies solely to the customers. Intervening to the electrical power panels is strictly prohibited. Usage of electric ovens or appliances with resistor that exceed the above watt limits and may cause damage, are also prohibited.

Electrical Device operation during absence of the guest is forbidden so as to prevent short-circuits or fire.

General regulation – Shared facilities – Hygiene

  • Keep all areas clean. Do not throw garbage anywhere except in the garbage bins. Do not throw papers or other objects into the toilets.
  • It is not allowed to connect to water and sewerage networks except for places of similar specifications provided by Camping.
  •  Existing shared faucets in the campsite are for dish washing, laundry of personal hygiene, marked with the appropriate signs.
  • Use designated areas for cleaning chemical toilets. Emptying chemical toilets in non-designated areas is prohibited.
  • The Company is liable for the lands, playgrounds and public facilities maintenance; it is not responsible for their constant supervision.
  • The use of the playground and participation in children’s activities organized by the camping animation team for children under the age of 14 may only be under the supervision and responsibility of their guardians.
  • The task of the gardener’s team is the regular watering of plants and lawns. Be sure not to leave your things in places that may get wet during watering. Nothing is allowed to be left on the lawns of the lodgings ‘ Gardens.
  • Drone flight is expressly prohibited. Their flight is defined by relevant legislation and under no circumstances is allowed over people.
  • Garbage disposal of any kind on the beach area is strictly prohibited.

There is a medical office with an experienced doctor in the Camping. Residents at the Camping can be informed by the Reception about the operating hours of the Dispensary while the doctor can be called only for emergencies.

The company employs a Security team, responsible for compliance with the regulation. Non-compliance with the recommendations of the employees of the Security team means non-acceptance of the regulation of the Camping and the forced departure of visitors.

The firm uses cameras to guard its stores and other facilities.

Guests are uniquely responsible for the safety of their personal belongings regardless of value, as the company is not responsible for any total or partial loss, damage or destruction and does not provide storage service of personal belongings.

The company bears no responsibility for disasters due to weather and other natural phenomena.

The guests are obliged to follow all directives given by the Camping Administration and Reception Departments to the letter, to obey to instructions, information and road signs placed inside the campsite and to comply with the provisions of the present Regulation.

All rules and terms of the present regulation are essential and may only be amended in writing form. A breach of any term hereof, directive or instruction, shall be regarded as reason for termination of any relationship between the parties involved and provides the Company the right to immediately expel the violator from the premises.

It is hereby agreed that entry and residence in the Camping Site of each camper and visitor constitutes the unconditional acceptance of all terms and rules stated.